Convergence Billing Consulting

Convergence Billing Consulting

Trendcom currently has over 70 consultants with more than 30 of which are focused exclusively on operating and supporting a convergent customer care, billing systems, and Data Warehouse (DWH). These consultants primarily operate in the Asia Pacific region but are able and have operated globally

During its operation, TRENDcom keep investing in capturing new industry expertise and an ongoing commitment to add value to our customers operations. TRENDcom references and comprehensive experience, know-how and rightness in consulting, implementing, maintaining and evolving leading solutions have benefited its customers in convergence billing implementation.

TRENDcom delivered end-to-end consultancy service in convergent billing and customer care, real time rating, charging, event based loyalty and policy for voice, messaging and next generation data services on time and within reckoned budget.

TRENDcom provides consulting, implementation and support operation service of any convergence billing solution to any telecom service provider. With references such as end-to-end implementation to several telecom provider in Indonesia, including rating, charging, accounting, billing, invoicing, MNP, self-care services on IVR, USSD, SMS, TRENDcom enables the service provider to manage and simplify existing complex and confusing pricing and billing structures.

TRENDcom allows service provider to develop efficient business processes in several areas such as Customer Care, Marketing, Sales and Finance to be more focused interaction with its customers, providing the key success elements of short time to market and better quality of service.

TRENDcom closely monitor the convergence solution provider delivery against the user requirements to enable the service provider to have control capabilities, enabling integrated management of subscriptions, accounts and billing data, vouchers, phone numbers and SIM cards, providing all the tools needed for a customer centric approach.