CRM Consulting

TRENDcom CRM consulting brings its experience in aligning its client CRM process with stated business objectives, leveraging the power of technology to make it more effective. This involve defining or optimizing CRM workflow and applying right trends and technologies into overall solution.

Areas included in TRENDcom consultation are:

Project Consultation -- Consultants maximize the time needed to gather information on the client company while finding an efficient CRM solution. Consultants focus their call center analysis on capital funding requests, ROI, and vendor selection.

Contact Center analysis -- CRM consulting services start with a session studying the overall design of the contact center, computer network, phone system, and database in order to implement the CRM solution

Business Process alignment -- Once the CRM is implemented, it must be aligned to the business needs and this is not a one-time alignment but rather an on-going need. A careful analysis of the internal business process needs to be taken into account and the system needs to be tailored to best serve the business flow and the end clients. TRENDcom will assist its clients to align their business processes with the new implemented CRM behavior and standard industry practices. So, the new CRM will can bring the client to meet its goal in short and long run.

Integration -- When the call center's system is configured, TRENDcom consultants (SME) will assist the CRM solution provider to integrate the system with some surrounding systems such as billing, mediation systems etc.

Contact Center management needs CRM consultants to help make technology investment decisions and provide the client’s customers with value and service. TRENDcom delivers more than just a technical analysis on a project; TRENDcom will offer greater value to their client’s customers, who will in turn establish a long-term relationship with the client.