REVA Consulting

Revenue Assurance has become a key component of business risk management for the communications market, and also functions as a lucrative source of quick revenue increase. TRENDcom know the problems you face. The pressure to quickly launch products and services, limited time and resources to engineer redundancy in key positions, communication breakdown between organizational silos, and the urgency to patch problems. And the outcome is business-wide disruption in efficiency and significant loss of revenue at the bottom line.


TRENDcom bring the knowledge and experience of handling successful revenue assurance projects for telecom providers worldwide. We know your business, your practices, concerns, and where to look for risk. Our cross-functional expertise allows us to view your business not simply from an IT, marketing, or finance perspective, but as a whole entity. Objectively. Thoroughly. Our goal is to give you complete, sustainable solutions to identify risks, plug leaks, and improve your processes.

TRENDcom specialize in solutions directly fitted to your distinctive organization. Our knowledgeable professionals will evaluate and understand your specific environment, accurately and objectively assessing what needs to be done. Among our hundreds of customizable analysis techniques and solutions are:

Implementation of Revenue Assurance Processes/Departments